Sunday, 15 December 2013

5 Useful Tips on Dealing With First Signs of Back Pain

A number of people have experienced back pains in their life. This may be as a result of accidents, sport injuries, muscle strains or just bad habits like poor sitting and walking posture. The pain can be dealt with if the first signs are noticed.

Once you sense the signs you may undertake any of these tips:

Find a pain specialist.
Sometimes the pain may be as a result of other reasons not related to the back. For proper diagnosis it is advisable to look for a specialist. It's notable that not all specialist are equal, look for one certified by a relevant body like Dr. Michael Berry who will give proper diagnosis and treatment.

Take recommended drugs.
Sometimes the pain is too much to bear. It is necessary that appropriate pain killers are taken as a management mechanism. Sometimes muscle relaxants are needed to relieve the stiffness. Drugs however should only be used occasionally unless advised by a specialist.

Use support.
Some back pain may make you immobile. Consider using a girdle or belt to support your back but avoid using it continuously unless it is mandatory. Stiff back can sometimes be relaxed by doing a light exercise. This should not be a straining one to worsen the situation.

Ice the back.
Once the first back pain is experienced, apply ice for duration of not less than twenty minutes at intervals of four hours. This reduces pain by relaxing muscle activities. Icing can also be done after a physical exercise. It is recommended to do it for two to three days.
Apply heat.

When the back pain is accompanied by a swelling wait until the swelling subsides. Use a hot bottle or heating pad to apply heat at the place.