Monday, 3 March 2014

Sole Support: Custom Orthotics Solution to Rectify Your Foot Problems

The human foot supports the entire body. It acts as a lever and propels the body forward while also acting as a stabilizer when you stand upright. The arch of your foot provides rigidity when supporting the body's weight and offers cushion as the body moves.As a person ages, the arch can begin to undergo various changes. Constant stretching of the ligaments and tendons, age, excessive weight and inadequate support while walking on hard surfaces can cause arches to fall.

Without a proper arch, the foot becomes less stable. Stress is placed on the ankles and other joints to properly support the body. This can lead to several structural problems within the body including:
  • Back pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Prevents injuries, especially in athletes
  • Keeps ankles, legs and knees properly aligned

Custom orthotics can help re-establish your arch, even after it has started to fall. Orthotics that are massed produced cannot provide the unique support each arch needs, defeating the purpose of even having them. For orthotics to be effective, they must be molded to the exact, three dimensional proportions of the foot if they are to provide adequate support.

The right orthotic is one that is designed to comfortably fit your foot and provide the appropriate curve of the arch of your foot. A trained professional who deals with orthotics can take molds of your feet, allowing for the proper curve of the arch. Once molds are made, orthotics are manufactured to the exact specifications and fitted to make sure they provide the amount of support needed.

The right orthotics will help to realign the body, prevent injury and improve existing conditions caused by the falling of the arches. Orthotics that fit properly will support the arch of the foot during long hours of standing and walking.