Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mother’s Day: How Can Would-Be Moms Handle Depression

Pregnancy should be a period of growth and hope for the future. Many soon-to-be moms, however, experience varying degrees of depression that can take away from the joy of being a new mom. There are several things that contribute to the feelings of sadness and the fear of entering into unknown territory.

Factors That Contribute to Depression
Becoming a mother for the first time or even adding to a new addition can cause you to be overwhelmed. Many of the factors are controllable, while others may be occurring without your knowledge. The list will vary from person to person but a few of the most common factors include:

• Changes in hormone levels due to the pregnancy
• Having little to no support from family or friends
• Prior medical history that involves bouts of depression
• Your age (younger mothers often show more outward signs of depression)
• Problems within the marriage or other relationships

When you become depressed, your sense of value can be compromised. You can find yourself ignoring your physical needs or appearance. Depression not only affects your health but that of your unborn child.

A Happy Environment
It is important to surround yourself with a good support system, as well as find ways to encourage a positive outlook. The birth of a child should be a happy time. If feelings of depression and sadness begin to surround you, reach out to other new moms and talk to others about what you are feeling. Take the steps you need to elevate your mood and put motherhood into perspective.

You are growing and changing. Put things in a positive light and surround yourself with others who understand the importance of maintaining a healthy state of mind during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a learning journey. Find ways to embrace it.