Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Research Indicates Chiropractic Adjustments Help Cure Infertility

Recent studies have shown that specialists are now taking a new approach to solving infertility issue by focusing more on factors outside of the reproductive system. More health centers are now partnering with yoga centers, acupuncturists and other programs. 

Vertebral Subluxation Research journal has elicited a lot of debate culminating to positive press based on its devotion to subluxation based chiropractic research. The study detailed a number of women who have either gone for chiropractic care with a view to their infertility, while others simply wanted to have spine adjustments. In both cases, the women got pregnant while under the treatment. 

Currently, the media focuses too much on the age factor while the major factors contributing to infertility are often overlooked. Women postponing having children to advance their career are told that they have slim chances of getting pregnant and are only given the option of intro-fertilization. However, medical fertility treatments come with risk and usually trigger other physical symptoms.

Chiropractic care may help correct problems arising from infertility and approximately half of couples who practice holistic options will conceive even after struggling with infertility for an extended period of time. Chiropractic works by correcting distortions in the reproductive organs. The science behind the study is observed through the peristaltic motion, which is the muscular function controlled by the nervous system. According to the position of the uterus, the egg has to move downwards a little tube by the means of this motion. So, even if the egg is fertilized, it cannot be delivered to the uterus if there is insufficient peristaltic motion. Here are some benefits of chiropractic care;

  • Improve the internal balance of women’s bodies and increase the likelihood of conception.
  • It provides a natural pain relief form thus reducing over dependence on pain killers.