Wednesday, 2 July 2014

7 Easy Steps to Cure Numbness in Your Feet and Toes

There are many reasons why you might experience numbness in your feet and toes. Although medical conditions can be at the root of any tingling sensations or numbness, other physical and environmental factors can also be the cause, so it's important to get a physician to confirm the cause as quickly as possible.

Any unusual symptoms can be worrisome and although numbness and tingling in both feet and hands can indicate serious health conditions, early diagnosis leads to effective medication and management, meaning that you can stay on top of your health and keep active.

These seven easy steps can help to alleviate symptoms:
How to Cure Numbness of Feet- Toes
  1. Medications may have side effects - Check the leaflet with any medication you are taking to see if numb feet and toes may be a side effect. Your doctor will be able to set your mind at rest and change your tablets if the symptoms are unmanageable.

  2. Lose weight - Being overweight or obese can cause numb feet. Losing extra pounds will relieve pressure on your joints.
  3. Cut down on the booze - Even moderate alcohol consumption can cause conditions such as gout.
  4. Keep your feet warm - Conditions such as Raynaud's phenomenon or Syndrome can cause numb and tingling extremities which constantly feel cold. A heat pack can help.

  5. Look after your feet - Compression socks and support stockings can help to stimulate circulation, and to stop your feet and toes from ngoing numb. By the same token, leave those great-looking shoes that are a half size too small in the store; pinched toes are numb toes.

  6. Change your sitting position - Crossing your legs isn't terribly good for you for long periods and can be responsible for your symptoms.

  7. Invest in your feet - Good chiropody and regular foot massages will pay dividends where your general foot health is concerned.