Thursday, 21 August 2014

Stay Energetic Throughout the Day: A Guide

Stay Energetic throughout the Day
Most of us experience low energy levels at certain times of the day. This leads to less productivity, anxiety and decreased job satisfaction. If your job continuously makes you feel drained, overwhelmed and overworked, then you need an energy boost to lift your morale.

How do you do this? Many people turn to energy drinks, only to have brief energy spikes, followed by a dramatic increase in fatigue. If you want a healthy and sustainable way to stay energetic, follow these tips on a daily basis:

Watch what you eat
Food is the body’s natural energy source, so what you eat determines what quantity of energy you get and for how long. Here are a few tips on energy diets:

Avoid high glycemic index foods: These are foods such as refined sugars, bread, sodas, cakes and potatoes. They cause a spike in blood sugar which is then followed by low energy levels as the body counteracts. Eat more complex carbohydrates such as brown pasta together with protein for day long energy.

Eat Less: Overeating puts huge stresses on the body, forcing it to expend energy digesting food. Eating just enough especially at lunch, will make you less tired.

Eat nuts, yogurt and green vegetables: A handful of nuts and a cup of yogurt during the day will provide lots of energy. Vegetables provide fiber which eases digestion and slows down sugar absorption, ensuring your energy levels are sustained throughout the day.

Avoid fatty food: These are difficult to digest and sap energy.

Evade large meals. Eat smaller meals more frequently. These digest better and provide energy throughout the day.

Exercise regularly
A sedentary lifestyle devoid of physical activity slows down your metabolism, denying energy. A half hour regime of exercise such as brisk walking can increase your energy levels dramatically.

Do Exercises to Stay Energetic
Take the stairs or stretch every two hours or so when at work to boost energy and stay alert. Exercise will additionally reduce your stress levels, which is a major cause of tiredness.

Sleep Enough
Your body rests and rejuvenates best during sleep. Lack of quality sleep leads to fatigue. To sleep better:
  • Avoid alcohol before bedtime.
  • Reduce your caffeine intake.
  • Sleep early.
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal before bedtime.
  • Quit smoking.

Taking a power nap: Do this especially after lunch. It will boost alertness and energy. A simple 20 minute nap is enough to make your afternoon more productive.

Lose weight
The more you weigh, the harder it is to move all that mass around. A larger body will require more energy even for the simplest of tasks.

Maintain better posture
Poor posture at work puts a lot of stress on your muscles, joints and spine. Sitting for long hours stooped over can strain the spine, leading to lower back pain and fatigue. Sit upright at all times, with your back well supported.

It is important to see a chiropractor if you have back or joint pains, to get treatment and tips on better posture.

Breathe better
The high stress environment at work makes you take shallow and less frequent breaths. Practice deep breathing exercises to increase oxygen levels, which are important in energy generation.

If you have a problem with allergies or asthma, make sure you use medication to decongest your airways for better breathing.

Reduce stress
Stress leads to fatigue and low morale at work. Here are ways to cut down on stress:
  • Do not multi task: Doing one thing at a time is more productive and less stressful than multi-tasking.

  • Avoid confrontations at work: It can cause anxiety.

  • Be better organized: This will increase productivity and make your work load seem more manageable, reducing stress.

  • Try to concentrate: Avoid distractions while working to ensure you complete tasks in time to meet deadlines.

Have a positive outlook
This may seem trivial but being more optimistic can make you feel better and less anxious. To improve your outlook towards life:
  • Dress better: This boosts your confidence and makes people compliment and admire you.

  • Stay motivated: Do not listen to negative people at work. Stay close to those who encourage and motivate you.

  • Rest calm: Focus on the brighter side and believe tomorrow will always be better than today.

  • Play soft music: Listen to your favorite tunes whilst you work.