Tuesday, 23 December 2014

8 New Year Resolutions for Your Healthy Life

About one out of every three Americans makes New Year's resolutions at the end of every December or beginning of every January. Many people forget their promises to themselves by the end of January. All it really takes is focus to accomplish the following New Year's resolutions for a healthy life.

New Year Resolutions for Healthy Life

Follow these 8 New Year resolutions to build a strong foundation for a healthy life:
  1. Save More Money
    Everyone needs to save money so that they can pay for unplanned health emergencies. It's also good to keep depositing money in your savings account for retirement.

  2. Reduce Stress
    Many people are stressed about barely getting by financially. Tell yourself that you are going to be happy regardless of how much money you earn or owe.

  3. Consider Weight Loss Programs
    One of America's biggest health problems today is obesity. If you are overweight, then decide to at least move in a direction back down to a more ideal weight.

  4. Get Enough Exercise
    Exercise is one of the keys of a healthy lifestyle, along with eating healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. Exercise can be accomplished by walking, jogging or running.

  5. Eliminate or Reduce Addictions
    Alcohol and cigarettes are the two biggest physical addictions besides pharmaceutical drugs. Cut down in each of these areas if they demand frequent attention in your life.

  6. Get Plenty of Rest
    Getting the proper amount of sleep is very important to living efficiently and productively. Your body needs to rest 1/3 to 1/4 of the day.

  7. Study for a New Degree
    By getting a new degree, you may be able to switch careers to a higher paying job. Learning more itself is a good enough reason to invest in further education.

  8. Enjoy More Vacations
    Good health requires you to enjoy life. Your mind and body simply work better when you are in a positive mood, especially when you travel.