Wednesday, 2 December 2015

What You Need to Know About Shock Wave Lithotripsy

Kidney stones can be extremely painful. Shock wave lithotripsy is a new treatment that proves helpful in a wide variety of patients diagnosed with kidney stones. It is extremely efficient and is non-invasive. The procedure takes very little time to perform and recovery time is relatively fast.

What Is Shock Wave Lithotripsy?
Shock wave lithotripsy is a unique procedure that propels ultrasonic shock waves into the body through the use of a lithotripter. The shock waves target the kidney stones and use vibrations to break them up, thus allowing them to pass through the urinary tract with minimal effort.

What Factors Must Be Considered?
The size and location of the kidney stone or stones are two of the most important factors a doctor will consider when using SWL. The patient's overall health as well as that of their kidneys will also be considered. Individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses must be closely monitored by their doctor.

Who Will It Help?
Patients who are in relatively good health are the best candidates. If you are pregnant, diabetic, suffer from hypertension, have a urinary or bladder infection, wear a pacemaker or take medications that thin your blood and prevent it from clotting, you should not be considered for this procedure.

Preparing for the Procedure
The procedure is simple and requires little preparation other than avoiding solid food for at least 5 hours before your scheduled appointment. If you require daily medications, talk to your doctor before taking them on the day of the procedure.