Thursday, 8 December 2016

How Shockwave Therapy Heals Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a condition in which you have inflammation and pain in the outer side of the elbow. Mostly, it is caused by strain and results in damaging tendons located around your elbows. In this condition, your lower elbow pains and it can last from 6 months to 2 years. It is quite a common medical condition and every 3 in 100 people are affected from it. It can happen at any age, but those who are aged between 40 and50 are more likely to be affected.

What Causes Tennis Elbow:

It could be caused due to overuse of your forearm muscles from any repetitive work like:

  • wringing clothes
  • hammering
  • playing tennis
  • painting
  • golfing
  • swimming

People who are more involved in the above activities are likely to get affected by tennis elbow as these activities require overuse of forearm muscles.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow:

People suffering from tennis elbow might experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling pain while using any tool or lifting any object
  • Weaker grip
  • Feeling uncomfortable while shaking hands and holding an object
  • Mild to intense elbow pain
  • Stiffness of elbow during the morning

Shock Wave Therapy Treatment:

Shockwave therapy has evolved as one of the most effective treatments for tennis elbow. It is widely used by orthopedic surgeons and sports physicians. It is a completely non-surgical treatment which gives impulses of energy to certain affected tissues with the tendon. It is done with the purpose of increasing the blood flow within the problem area to stimulate cell regeneration.

The Procedure:

First of all, a gel is applied on the skin of the problem area. Then, a probe is pressed on the skin and shockwaves are passed through it. Inside the affected tissues, the shockwave spreads as radial waves. These waves give an inflammatory sensation to the injured tissues. The shockwave increases blood circulation and metabolism of the affected tissue through a number of blood vessels which ultimately prompts your body to recover naturally.

Many patients have benefited from this shockwave treatment for their tennis elbow pain. It should definitely be considered as it is non-surgical and less painful.

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