Monday, 6 March 2017

How Chiropractic Treatment Helps Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the medical name for numbness and tingling in the hand, which is caused due to pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. This is the reason it is also called median nerve compression. It is also categorized by the weakness and pain in the hand and fingers.

This has become a common medical condition these days. It has been seen that the numbness of the fingers/hands is often associated with tingling. These symptoms have been coined as “paresthesia of the fingers”.

What Does Numbness Signify?

If you are experiencing numbness or a tingling sensation in your hands, these might be early signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


The most frequent conditions associated with carpal tunnel syndrome are:

·         Thyroid dysfunction
·         Diabetes
·         High Blood Pressure
·         Rheumatoid arthritis
·         Fractures to the wrist

People who go through CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) will tell you it is excruciating due to its chronic nature. It returns even after going through invasive procedures such as risky surgery or steroid injections. In spite of spending considerable time in a rehab, the pain does not go permanently, which is very frustrating.


When you go to a chiropractor for your CTS treatment, you will have to go through either one or all of these examinations to determine if you are suffering from CTS -

  • X-Ray – Some doctors will recommend an x-ray of the affected wrist in order to receive a better diagnosis.
  • Physical Exam – Doctors will often test the feeling and strength of your fingers since these are affected due to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • History of Symptoms – Doctors will study your symptom history carefully, so that they can identify the cause of CTS.
Chiropractic Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Those who have been diagnosed with CTS should consider chiropractic treatment before an extreme alternative like surgery. It is non-invasive, less time consuming, and there are no post-surgery complications.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be treated with a Class IV K laser. It is safe, effective and painless. So far, the majority of patients who have opted for this procedure have responded very well. They have felt significant pain relief after receiving only a few treatments. The treatment methodology combines laser treatment with other therapies to alleviate pain. Its effectiveness has made it very popular among patients and doctors

Having numbness and tingling sensations in your hands mean that you must see a chiropractor as soon as possible to avoid further complications and receive pain free treatment.

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