Sunday, 2 February 2014

After an Auto Accident: Handle all Issues with Care

Auto Accident
The pain of soft tissue injuries after an auto accident often fails to manifest until days later. That is why you must never agree to a settlement with an insurance company until you have at least received a medical or chiropractic examination.

In addition, you may wish to consult with an attorney. Going into negotiations with an insurance company knowing your rights and the extent of your injuries will always give you an advantage.

Consult with a Health Professional
Whether you consult with your regular medical doctor or a chiropractor get yourself checked out. The exam can reveal hairline fractures or inflammation that may not be notice-able to the naked eye. However, days after an accident you may find you feel quite miserable. 

Consult with a Health Professional

If the exam detects injuries, you can have them treated with chiropractic adjustments and/or physical therapy. Soft tissue injures do not heal over time with rest. They require treatment. Otherwise, they may contribute to arthritis later in life. 

Consult with an Attorney
Insurance companies often take a calculated gamble that victims of auto accidents will not consult with an attorney. If you have a long term period of treatment or a hidden injury is revealed, insurance companies will fight more to avoid compensating you. 

Even if you just invest time in an initial consultation, talking to an attorney will help set a road-map on how to manage your insurance claim. But do not be surprised if you end up hiring the attorney so you do not have to manage the claim yourself. 

Consulting with professionals before you settle ensures that you have all the facts and understand your rights. It is never a good idea to assume it is just whiplash and that you are not injured. Invest time in an examination and be sure you are not injured.