Friday, 31 October 2014

Healthy Halloween for Kids: Tips from Health Experts

Every kid under the sun loves Halloween. Dressing up and going trick or treating is a highlight of the fall for many kids. However, the sweet treats that come along with Halloween really aren't the best for kids, and a lot of kids tend to overeat during the holiday season, even with their parents’ supervision.

Halloween Health Tips

This year, make sure that your kids stay healthy during and after Halloween, even if they do still get some scary sweet treats. Use this guide to make the spooky day a little bit better for your kids without having them pitch a fit over spilled candy.
  1. Have a healthy dinner before you take your kids out trick or treating. Trick or treating can be a lot of fun, and a great way to get a sweet treat after a meal. However, your kids shouldn't be using trick or treating as a substitute for dinner. Even if you don’t have time for an elaborate meal, make sure your kids eat something hearty and are fully satisfied before they go out to get their candy.

  2. Make sure you spend Halloween walking, not driving. Even if the houses in your area are sort of far apart, the exercise kids get before they chow down on sweet treats can help keep them from eating too much candy.

  3. Limit the amount of treats your child has each day, and set this limit before you go trick or treating. Telling a child they can only have two treats after they get handed 200 isn't going to go too well; be reasonable. Set the ground rules before you walk out the door to collect candy on Halloween.

  4. Give out healthy snacks, toys and non-sugary treats. That way you won’t be overrun with candy once Halloween is over.