Wednesday, 22 October 2014

How Infrared Cold Laser Therapy Yields Various Therapeutic Results

Many people are familiar with the idea of laser technology and how it has therapeutic benefits. In fact, there are even television commercials that advertise laser therapy for everything from skin care to pain relief. What most people don’t understand is that there are two different types of laser therapy that are particularly popular.

The two common types are far infrared therapy, which is commonly used for things like saunas in low doses and cancer treatment in high doses. The second type is infrared cold laser therapy. This is the technology being discussed here, and it’s the type that has the most benefits for the average person.

While you may not know much about infrared cold laser therapy, it might be something that you want to become familiar with, especially if you suffer from chronic pain. When it comes to chronic pain treatment, infrared cold laser therapy is pretty much the cutting edge.

However, infrared cold laser therapy has a variety of different benefits as well. Keep reading this guide to learn more about the technology and find out ways it may be able to help you in your own life.

The History of Infrared Cold Laser Therapy
Cold laser therapy isn’t entirely new technology, and the truth is that it has been around for some time. While at first many doctors didn’t quite know how to use infrared cold laser therapy for beneficial results, most have caught onto the fact that this type of therapy can actually be quite beneficial.

When it was first invented nearly 40 years ago, the technology was very rudimentary and results were plainly hit or miss. This actually made some people believe that there was a placebo effect involved in the use of lasers for pain management; meaning that since people were getting treatment they felt better, even if the lasers weren’t really doing anything at all.

Since we’ve come to understand that infrared cold laser therapy isn’t a treatment that only helps people because of the placebo effect, doctors have really caught onto the benefits and most are using it today. In fact, many doctors offer laser therapy in their office, making a large investment for the equipment because it is so effective in treating pain.

What Type of Pain Does Infrared Cold Laser Therapy Treat?
Pain management is one of the biggest businesses in the United States. While pain relievers can be beneficial, they often don’t work and have serious side effects. That’s why many people turn to infrared cold laser therapy to treat pain.

While it does work for many different types of pain, there are two main types: injuries and chronic pain.

Treating Injuries
Infrared cold laser therapy has become a popular treatment for injuries that happen in the workplace and personal life over the last decade because the treatment is effective and it is non-invasive. In fact, everything from ankle injuries to back injuries can be treated through cold laser therapy.

Injuries that are treated via cold laser therapy generally require regular treatment if they’re long-term injuries. However, this can save people from invasive surgery that can leave them in bed or unable to work for a considerable period of time.

Best of all, cold laser therapy can actually help some injuries clear up considerably faster. That’s why many professional athletes, professional trainers and college trainers are using cold laser therapy in the locker room. Minor injuries are much easier to deal with, and players can get back to their respective sports faster and more comfortably.

Chronic Injuries
Chronic injuries like back pain and neck pain can also be treated through cold laser therapy. Many chiropractors use cold laser therapy in their offices for regular visitors, and while it may not fix the problem, it can reduce the pain for a considerable period of time.

For many people who suffer from regular pain, visiting a chiropractor that offers cold laser therapy treatment can less pain for up to one week, allowing patients to make regular appointments and live a relatively pain free life.

At Home Treatment
In addition to medical use, cold laser therapy is also starting to become popular in many homes. While the mechanisms used to deliver laser treatment are different, the technology is basically the same, and it can help to reduce pain from injuries and chronic ailments.

Some doctors are even recommending that their patients buy home cold laser therapy tools to keep their pain under control.