Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How to Beat Low Back Pain: 5 Strength Exercises Will Help

Simple exercises can strengthen the muscles in the back, abdomen, and legs. The stronger the deep, core muscles become, the less back pain and discomfort a person will feel. Maintaining good muscle tone in the back and lower abdomen can also prevent back strain and other painful injuries.

Simple Exercise to avoid Back Pain

  1. 8 Point Plank
    The plank puts stress on the abdominal muscles of the stomach while providing support for the spine. This is not an easy exercise to accomplish although it looks quite simple.
  2. Woodpecker
    This exercise begins with a lunge that works the majority of the leg muscles. As the exercise is performed, the muscles of the butt and all areas of the back are also engaged. When performed correctly, it can dramatically reduce low back pain as the muscles become stronger.

  3. Adductor-Assisted Back Extension
    This particular exercise works the muscles located deep in the lower back as well as the inner thighs. The more the exercise is performed, the more the hamstrings are strengthened. The exercise also increases flexibility in the arms and upper back.
  4. Founder to Forward Fold
    This exercise works in two ways. The founder strengthens the core muscles of the back and abdomen. As the body folds forward, it pulls the hamstrings and the lower back muscles, stretching and strengthening both. Both the founder and the forward fold can be performed independently of one another.
  5. Decompression Breathing
    Decompression breathing lengthens the body and makes it so the lungs can expand more fully. This allows more oxygen into the lungs so that it can be better utilized by the body. It also strengthens large muscle groups and prevents lower back pain.