Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Knee Pain Relief: 6 Exercises You Can Do at Work

Sitting behind a desk all of the time can cause major joint pain, especially if you are limited as to how you can move around. Having limited space can also pose a problem when fighting knee pain.

The following exercises can help improve blood flow to the legs, raising the level of oxygen in the blood and provide modest amounts of activity that can make you feel better in the long run:

  1. Walk While You Talk – If you spend long hours on the phone, walk your talk. Whenever you pick up the phone, stand up and walk around. It will improve your circulation and prevent your muscles from stiffening up.

  2. Heel Pulls – Keeping your feet flat on the floor, lift your toes and pull back on your heels. This pulls the hamstrings and can influence the flow of blood throughout the lower half of the body.

  3. Leg Lifts – Every 20 or 30 minutes, straighten your legs out and slowly lift and hold them about six inches off of the ground for a few seconds. Slowly lower them. Repeat every few minutes just to keep the blood flowing.

  4. Thigh Squeeze – Squeeze your thighs together. Your quadriceps and hamstrings are the largest groups of muscles in the leg. Performing thigh squeezes can bring an abundance of oxygenated blood into the legs, reducing cramping and helping to alleviate knee pain.

  5. Slide Your Chair Back – Use your heels to slide your chair back. This straightens out the legs, taking much of the pressure off of the knees. Sitting with your legs extended for short periods can dramatically reduce knee pain.

  6. Balance on One Leg – Balancing on one leg strengthens and tones muscles, improving circulation and relieving various types of pain.